Did you forget your iCloud account ID or password?

If you have forgotten your Apple iCloud password or need to remove your iCloud account, you can use our handy guide to recover it.

If you have lost the password for your iCloud account or if you are having trouble signing in with Apple iCloud then these tips may help.


If you need to remove your iCloud account data and don’t know your iCloud ID Password follow this guide to reset your password:

  1. Open Safari and enter appleid.apple.com.
  2. Click Reset your Password.
  3. Enter your Apple ID and click Next.
  4. There are three ways you can confirm your identity to Apple. Although you will most likely only see two: Email Authentication and Answer Security Questions.
  5. It’s easiest to start with Email Authentication. Select it and click Next. Apple will then send an email to the backup account it has on file. It doesn’t tell you which email account this is (it won’t be the same email address as you use to sign in). So you’ll have to go check your mail accounts and see if the email has come through.
  6. You will get an email from Apple with the message How To Reset Your Apple ID Password. Click the Reset Now link in the email and follow the instructions.
  7. Apple normally sends the How to Reset Your Apple ID Password email quickly, but you should give it an hour to come through in case there is a problem. If you haven’t received the email by then, it may have been sent to an email address you are no longer using. Click Return To My Apple ID.
  8. Click Reset My Password and enter your Apple ID again and click Next. This time choose Answer Security Questions and click Next.
  9. Enter your Birth Date using the Month, Day and Year options.
  10. Enter the answers to the two security questions. These vary but are based on information you entered when you set up the account, such as your dream job and the name of the city in which your parents met. Click Next.
  11. Fill out the New Password and Confirm Password fields. You should use the same password in each field.
  12. Click Reset password. 

If you don’t know your recovery email address or no longer have access to the email address iCloud ID was registered to, follow this guide:

Found an online iCloud Bypass tool?

  • Stop! Don’t throw your money away! Any website claiming to bypass iCloud activation locks permanently are a SCAM! There is absolutely no way ANY tool will remove or even bypass Apple iCloud activation lock permanently. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.

There must be a way to work around iCloud activation lock?

There is a solution that may work for you. It is not a permanent iCloud bypass or removal but it will restore some functionality to your iCloud locked iPhone.

The following should work with iOS8 and iOS9:


  1. With your iCloud locked iPhone, you should be on the above screen.
  2. Press “Home Button” and tap “Wi-Fi Settings”.
  3. Now tap “i” next to the Wi-Fi symbol.
  4. Select “DNS” and make sure there are no numbers in this field.
  5. Depending on your location, enter one of the following DNS addresses:
  • If you are in USA/North America, type in
  • If you are in Europe, type in
  • If are in Asia, type in
  • In rest of the world, type in
  1. Now, tap “Back”.
  2. Tap “Done”.
  3. Tap on “Activation Help”.
  4. Once completed, you should see some text that reads “You have successfully connected to my server.”
  5. By tapping on Menu on the top right, you can access different functions like iCloud Locked User Chat, Social, Internet, Mail, Maps, YouTube, Video, Audio, Games and more.

At least this will give some functionality to your iCloud locked iPhone.

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